Convert Leads to a Person Account and a Business Account at the Same Time with the API

If your customers include individuals and groups, your sales teams can associate converted leads with a person account and a business account simultaneously. For example, a bank can create person accounts for each member of a family and group the family into a business account. To enable these lead conversions, build a custom flow with the API.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

How: For Salesforce orgs that use APEX Lead Convert, Person Accounts, and Contacts to Multiple Accounts, new arguments are available on the LeadConvert() class. Use the new relatedPersonAccountId argument to convert the lead to an existing person account instead of a contact. Use the relatedPersonAccountRecord argument to convert the lead to a new person account instead of a contact.

The LeadConvert class includes new methods for setting and inspecting the related person account. The LeadConvertResult class has a new method and property.

To see related person accounts on business account record pages, add the Related Contacts related list to Account page layouts.

The Related Contacts list on an account record.