Debug Failed Flows More Easily

No more scrolling through a long flow error email to figure out what went wrong during the run. Now you can simply click a link in the error email to open Flow Builder and see the failed flow interview’s path on the canvas. The detailed error information appears next to the canvas.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: To open failed flow interviews in Flow Builder, you need the Manage Flows permission.

Why: Previously, debugging flows from the flow error email was labor-intensive. This improvement makes flow debugging much easier and more efficient.

Failed flow interviews for these flow types that are built with the free-form layout in Flow Builder are saved and available to open in Flow Builder.
  • Screen flows
  • Record-triggered flows
  • Schedule-triggered flows
  • Autolaunched flows that aren’t triggered
Failed flow interviews aren’t saved if:
  • The flow is installed as part of a managed package and isn’t a template.
  • The failure occurs after the flow interview is paused then resumed at least once.
  • The error is handled because the element that encounters the error is connected to a fault connector.
  • The failure occurs during an Apex test method.
  • The flow is a standard flow.
  • The value of the flow’s metadata field status is Draft or InvalidDraft.

Failed flow interviews don’t count toward data, file, or paused flow interview storage limits. When failed flow interviews are saved, they’re available for up to 14 days, then they’re automatically deleted from the database.

These limits apply when failed flow interviews are saved.
  • For any specific flow, no more than 100 failed flow interviews are saved in a 24-hour period.
  • Across all the flows in an organization, no more than 3,000 failed flow interviews are saved in a 24-hour period.
  • Failed flow interviews exceeding 1 MB aren’t saved.
  • Failed flow interviews aren’t saved if more than 1 GB of failed flow interviews are already saved in the database.
We also updated the names of flow elements in flow error emails and the debug details in Flow Builder.
  • Fast Lookup is now Get Records
  • Fast Update is now Update Records
  • Fast Delete is now Delete Records

How: In a flow error email, click Flow Error: Click here to debug the error in Flow Builder.

If the error email contains debug information for more than one flow interview, the email indicates the number of flow interviews. For example: Flow Error (1 of 2): Click here to debug the error in Flow Builder.