Build Your Own Salesforce CLI Plug-In with Open-Source Tools

Plug-ins add functionality to Salesforce CLI. Salesforce includes several plug-ins when you install the CLI that provide commands and functionality to meet common needs that customers and partners have. You can also choose to install other plug-ins built by Salesforce and others. But when you have requirements that existing plug-ins don’t meet, Salesforce Plug-In Generator simplifies building your own using Node.js. Salesforce Plug-In Generator and the CLI @salesforce/core and @salesforce/command libraries are open source.

Where: This feature applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce app in all editions.

When: Changes to Salesforce Plug-In Generator are released regularly. For information about weekly releases, see the change log.

How: For information about using Salesforce Plug-In Generator to create your own plug-in, check out the Salesforce CLI Plug-In Developer Guide. For useful resources, such as the open-source repositories for the plug-in generator and its dependencies, see the guide’s Resources for Salesforce CLI Plug-In Development.