Salesforce CLI: Pre-Release Version, Salesforce Plug-In Generator

The Salesforce command-line interface (CLI) continues to evolve with more features and commands that support the Salesforce DX development models. Use it to create environments for development and testing, synchronize source code, run tests, and control the full application life cycle.

We release changes to Salesforce CLI regularly. Read the weekly release notes to learn about recent updates for v45 of the core CLI plug-ins. For more information about all CLI commands, see Salesforce CLI Command Reference.



Looking for new and changed Salesforce CLI commands? We received feedback that new features described in the Development section were hard to browse. In this release, we’ve consolidated the lists of new and changed items at the end of the Development section. We’re still covering all the changes that you want to know about. Let us know what you think. Use the feedback form on release note topics or tweet us at @salesforcedocs.

Uninstall the Pre-Release Version of the salesforcedx CLI Plug-In

If you installed pre-release version 45 of the salesforcedx plug-in, uninstall it, then run the update command.

sfdx plugins:uninstall salesforcedx
sfdx update