Service Console: More Convenience for Admins, Agents, and Customers

A new component called Contact Request Button & Flow lets customers request that support call them back, saving them from waiting on hold. Agents can pop out console utilities to let them see more of the records they need. And it’s easier for you to set up and configure the Guided Action List component using deployments.
Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with the Service Cloud.


Lightning console apps don’t yet have full parity with Salesforce Classic console apps. For example, some features in Salesforce Classic console apps, such as push notifications and custom keyboard shortcuts, aren’t available in Lightning console apps. Learn more.

How: Check out the new features available in the Service Console.

Communities: Let Your Customers Request a Call from Support
Your customers can say goodbye to smooth jazz and long waits on 1-800 numbers for help. With the click of a button, community users can request that customer support call them back. A popup form lets users detail the problem. Then the right agent can call them back. Show your customers that you value their time as much as their continued business. Contact Request lets customers get back to the things they were doing—no smooth jazz required.
Agent Productivity: Relative Dates and Close Tab for Macros
Use relative dates to create macros that set dates and times in the future. You can add a step to your macro to close a console tab when the macro completes. And as a bonus, now there’s one less reason to switch back to Salesforce Classic. Macros and quick text shared in Salesforce Classic are visible in Lightning Experience.
Lightning Flow for Service: Reusable Deployments and Easy-to-Find Paused Flows
We made it easier to set up and use the Guided Action List component. Deployments let you capture and reuse list settings across different record pages and orgs. To help your agents find and complete paused flows fast, the Guided Action List shows all paused flows for the current record page.
Cases: Email Approval, Case Hierarchy, Contact Roles, and the Accept Case Button
Provide consistent communication and approve case emails sent by your agents. Let agents see the big picture with case hierarchy. Agents can contact the right person on the first try with case contact roles. And agents can also accept cases with a single click. These features were available in Salesforce Classic and are new in Lightning Experience.
Lightning Console Apps: Pop-Out Utilities, Subtab Options, and API Parity
Spread your workflow across multiple windows with pop-out utilities. Customize your subtabs, and promote them to workspace tabs. Change tab colors, and edit browser tab titles with new API methods.