Communities: Let Your Customers Request a Call from Support

Your customers can say goodbye to smooth jazz and long waits on 1-800 numbers for help. With the click of a button, community users can request that customer support call them back. A popup form lets users detail the problem. Then the right agent can call them back. Show your customers that you value their time as much as their continued business. Contact Request lets customers get back to the things they were doing—no smooth jazz required.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: Contact Request works in public communities and communities that require authentication. Make sure that your community users have the Run Flows permission, including your Guest User profile that’s used in public communities. Without this permission, members don’t see the button or the form to submit contact requests.

To work with contact requests in the console, make sure that your agents’ profiles include at least read access on the contact request object. By default, all Standard User and System Administrator profiles have access to the object.

Why: When you add the Contact Request Button & Flow component to your community, users can request a call from support. You can change the button label.

Screenshot of the Request Help button

In a popup, the customer enters their issue and contact details.

Screen shot of the window where customers provide details about their issue

Screen shot of the window where customers provide their contact details

When the user clicks Next, the request is sent.Screen shot of the success window

How: To set up the contact request form, create a flow using a guided setup experience. In Setup, go to the Customer Contact Requests page. Then add the flow to your community using a component. In Community Builder, add one of the following components.
  • Contact Request Button & Flow—Users can click a button, and detail their issue in a popup form.
  • Flow—Your flow is embedded in the page, and users see the flow’s first screen when the page loads.

These components are supported in the following templates: Customer Account Portal, Customer Service, Partner Central, and Build Your Own. The Flow component is also supported in the Help Center template.

Contact requests work alongside your other Service-related records. Agents can use the Requested By field to relate the contact request to people, like contacts and leads. And the Related To field connects the contact request to accounts, cases, opportunities, work orders, and custom objects.

To set up your agents for success, add the Contact Request object to the Service Console, and make sure that they have at least read access to the contact request object. Optionally, set up routing with Omni-Channel.

In addition to Communities, Contact Request also works with interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Work with your Open CTI providers for integration.