Get to Know Our New Bots Terminology

To support natural-language processing, we’re introducing the term utterance and distinguishing it from customer input.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Setup for Einstein Bots is available only in Lightning Experience.

Who: Einstein Bots is available to orgs with both Service Cloud and Live Agent user licenses. Each org is provided with 25 Einstein Bot conversations per month for each Live Agent user with an active subscription.

Why: Although an utterance and customer input represent the same thing—how a customer asks or has asked for something—we distinguish between them in Einstein Bots. Utterances are reviewed by your team and added to the set of inputs that represent an intent. Utterances help the bot learn. Customer inputs are the words that your customers type in chat. They don’t necessarily represent an intent that you want the bot to learn.

You use the Bot Training tab to review your customer inputs. If you see a customer input that represents an intent, you classify it to the intent. It becomes an utterance in the intent. When you build the model, the new utterance is incorporated and helps your bot learn.

You add utterances when you build a dialog intent.Utterances section of dialog intent

You classify, ignore, or reclassify customer inputs when you train your bot to understand what your customers type in chat.Review and classify customer inputs