Synchronize Your Data with Self-Service Background Encryption

Sometimes you add fields to your encryption policy, apply a different encryption scheme to a field, or rotate key material. In these cases, it’s important to synchronize encrypted data with your encryption policy and active key material. Now you can sync data in most fields, as well as field history and feed tracking changes, from Setup. Self-service background encryption gives you the autonomy to maintain your encryption policy on your own schedule with fewer calls to Salesforce Customer Support.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

How: To synchronize your data, go to the Encryption Statistics page in Setup.

Encryption Statistics and Data Sync page with new Sync Needed column, Sync button, and data sync status line.
The new Sync Needed column indicates whether you need to synchronize your data (1). Click Sync (2), and Salesforce synchronizes the object’s data in the background. Check the status of the encryption process at the bottom of the page (3), or wait for the email letting you know that the job is complete. After your data is synchronized, we gather statistics for you so that you can see the latest details about your encrypted data.

You can also encrypt field history and feed tracking changes when you synchronize your data from Setup. On the Advanced Settings page, turn on Encrypt Field History and Feed Tracking Values. Now whenever you sync data from Setup, field history and feed tracking values are also encrypted by your active key material.

Self-service background encryption isn’t available for all data elements. You can’t sync standard description fields, long and rich text area fields, and data elements, such as files and attachments, and Chatter data through Setup. For help synchronizing this data, contact Salesforce Customer Support. You can also request that Salesforce Customer Support encrypt field history and feed tracking values.