Grant Access to Records, Report and Dashboard Folders, and List Views by Territory

Sharing rules give groups of users wider access to records than what organization-wide defaults allow. Now you can define sharing rules based on the users assigned to territories. For example, keep opportunities private, except for California reps, who need to view and edit opportunities assigned to Oregon reps. You can also share report folders, dashboard folders, and list views by territory.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Performance and Developer editions and in Enterprise and Unlimited editions with the Sales Cloud.

How: In Setup, select Territories or Territories and Subordinates when you create a sharing rule in Sharing Settings. Then specify territories. Only territories in your active territory model are available.

A sharing rule that grants California reps read/write access to Oregon opporutunities

This sharing rule gives California reps (1) read/write access (2) to opportunities owned by Oregon reps (3).

Sharing a report folder with the California territory

Sharing a list view with the California territory

Follow a similar process to share report folders (4), dashboard folders, and list views (5).