Get Product Family Forecasts by Territory

Now that sales teams can forecast product family revenue by sales territory, they have a clearer understanding of their forecasts. For example, they can see how well software is selling in Canada and which product family is lagging in Arizona. Previously, territory forecasts were available only for opportunity revenue forecasts.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Performance and Developer editions and in Enterprise and Unlimited editions with the Sales Cloud.

Who: If Enterprise Territory Management is enabled, forecast users can forecast product family revenue by territory.

Why: The forecasts page shows how product family forecasts for territories are organized.

The forecasts page with one month's forecasts for two product families, with each product family broken out by two territories

Users see amounts for a period (1) broken down by product family (2). Product families are further broken down by territory (3).

How: Make sure that your active territory model and product families are set up to reflect your company’s business needs. Then on the Forecasts Settings page in Setup, add the Product Family Revenue by Territory forecast type.

Selecting the Product Family Revenue by Territory forecast type in Setup

If no other product family forecast type is enabled, choose the product families to show on the forecasts page and the order in which they appear.