Define Consumption Schedule Prices

You can configure your units of usage and set up different rates based on volume of usage. For example, give customers a lower rate if they use more than 2 GB of data on a cellular plan, and an even lower rate if they use more than 10.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience in all Salesforce CPQ editions.

Why: Previously, price schedules allowed reps to define pricing for only one set of usage rates per order product. Consumption schedules offer enhanced flexibility in pricing. Apply consumption schedules across multiple products, or attach multiple consumption schedules to one product.

How: To enable usage based pricing, install the CPQ managed package or update it to the latest version. Then, turn on usage based pricing in the CPQ package settings. From Setup, enter Installed Packages in the Quick Find box and select Installed Packages. Find the CPQ Package and click Configure. Navigate to the Pricing and Calculation tab. Select Enable Usage Based Pricing.

After sales reps agree on a rating plan, they use the Consumption Schedule object to group the rates in Salesforce.

A consumption schedule object

A consumption schedule defines the unit of measurement (1) and rating method (2) for all of your rates. You can associate one consumption schedule with several products, or several consumption schedules to one product that has multiple types of usage. The consumption schedule also defines the billing frequency (3) that Salesforce Billing uses to invoice the product.

A consumption schedule requires at least one consumption rate.

A consumption schedule object

The consumption rate sets unit-based boundaries for usage (1) and defines the pricing rate (2) for products that fall within the boundaries. The pricing method (3) specifies whether to price usage in that boundary at a flat rate or per unit of usage. For example, a consumption schedule for a phone data plan could have two consumption rates: $0.10 per minute for the first 200 minutes, and $0.20 per minute for 201 minutes or more.

When you invoice your customer for a usage product, Salesforce Billing calculates the usage summary's price based on two factors.
  • The customer's usage amount during a usage period
  • Where each usage amount falls in your consumption rates