Override Billable Unit Prices for Evergreen Subscriptions

Customize your evergreen subscription's billing price by defining a custom billable unit price before activation. You can now use the Override Billable Unit Price field to overrule the default billable unit price on order products for your evergreen subscriptions. This field is useful for correcting rounding errors or overriding the billable unit price on evergreen subscription records that were migrated to Salesforce Billing.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience in all Salesforce Billing editions.

Who: You need Salesforce CPQ to install Salesforce Billing. Some subscriptions offer this package for an extra cost. For pricing, contact your Salesforce account executive.

How: Edit the Override Billable Unit Price field only on unactivated order products for evergreen subscriptions that haven't been invoiced.

After you start invoicing the evergreen order product, Salesforce Billing will use its Override Billable Unit Price instead of its billable unit price when creating invoice lines.