Create Revenue Schedules Based on Order Product Bookings Amount

We expanded the billing fields that you use to create revenue schedules for your order products. You can now use an order product’s bookings amount as the source of your revenue schedule’s total amount.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience in all Salesforce Billing editions.

Who: You need Salesforce CPQ to install Salesforce Billing. Some subscriptions offer this package for an extra cost. For pricing, contact your Salesforce account executive.

Why: An order product’s Order Product Bookings field shows the amount of revenue that you intend to recognize before you invoice your order product, also known as the bookings amount. Companies that recognize revenue on the order product often want to create revenue schedules based an order product’s bookings amount. Previously, Salesforce Billing could create revenue schedules based only on revenue amounts and transaction amounts.

How: On your revenue recognition treatment, set the Revenue Schedule Amount field to Bookings Amount. You can use Bookings Amount only if the treatment’s Revenue Schedule Creation Action field has a value of Order Activation.

For standard subscription order products and one-time order products, the bookings amount equals the order product’s total amount. Because evergreen subscription order products don’t have end dates, their bookings amount is zero. When your revenue recognition treatment creates revenue schedules based on bookings amount, you can create accurate revenue schedules for your standard subscription order products and evergreen subscription order products.