Print a Record Page

Print key details and related lists from a record page in Lightning Experience, just as in Salesforce Classic. Specify record details visibility on the printable page and print the page from the browser. This feature is available for all users, for Account, Campaign, Case, Contact, Contract, Lead, Opportunity, Order, and custom objects.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

How: On a record home page, click Printable View. The sections and fields on the printable view reflect the current user’s page layout. The related lists reflect the current user’s related list preferences.


If you previously customized the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section of a page layout, you have to manually add Printable View to that section for it to appear.

Printable View button in dropdown menu

The printable view opens with the record details expanded or collapsed, based on visibility on the record home page. You can change visibility for all record details or for individual detail sections. Related lists are visible in printable view, and you can’t modify their visibility for printing. Record page in printable view tab

Admins can remove the Printable View button from the record page layout in the Page Layout Editor to disable the feature.