Update to Retention Limit for Field History Data

Salesforce guarantees to retain your field history data for up to 18 months through your org, and up to 24 months via the API. As announced in Winter ’19, starting in Spring ’19, we begin the process of removing field history data older than 24 months. Because of the rolling nature of mass deletes, the data might still be available for some time after Spring ’19.
Where: This policy applies to all orgs created after June 1, 2011 who have not purchased the Field Audit Trail (FAT) add-on.


If your org was created before June 1, 2011, Salesforce commits to retain your field history beyond the 18-month limit.

How: When field history data reaches the 18-month limit, Salesforce retains it for 6 more months, but the data is accessible only via Data Loader using Export All or the queryAll() API. After Salesforce deletes data, you can’t use the getDeleted() API to retrieve it.

To guarantee that you can access your field history data, purchase the FAT add-on. FAT lets you define a policy to retain archived field history data up to 10 years from the time the data was archived. To purchase FAT, contact your Salesforce Account Executive. For help retrieving your field history before it’s deleted, contact Salesforce Customer Support.