Help Agents Find and Resume Paused Flows in the Guided Action List

When there’s an agent handoff or a customer calls back, agents often search for flows that they paused midstream. Show agents all paused flows for a record page in the Guided Action List. This single go-to location makes it easy for agents to find and complete flows that automate your procedures.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: The Guided Action List shows all paused flows for the current record page, regardless of whether the flow was started from the list.Paused flows display in a special section of the Guided Action List.

How: Click Resume Paused Actions, and select a paused flow to resume. Resumed flows are added to the Guided Action List. If the flow was started from the top or bottom pinned region of the list, it’s added at the end of the region. Otherwise, it’s added to the bottom of the unpinned region. If a flow was marked as mandatory or removable, those attributes are preserved on the resumed flow.



Flows can use the variable Flow.CurrentRecord to track the current record associated with the flow. Sometimes API or flow logic updates this variable. For example, if a flow is associated with a lead record and the lead is converted to a contact, the record association is updated. When a user pauses a flow, the Guided Action List checks the currently associated record. If the record context changed, the paused flow doesn’t appear on the record page’s Guided Action List. Instead, to resume the flow, a message directs the user to the new record that’s associated with the flow.