Lightning Experience Features in This Release

Lightning Experience is a completely reimagined interface. Even better, it’s built on our UI platform, so the experience can grow and evolve with your needs. Check out the new features and considerations in this release.

Lightning Experience: A Modern and Intelligent User Experience

B2B Commerce: Create Self-Service Storefronts for Business Buyers

Salesforce Overall

Jump Right into Your Most Important List View with Pinned Lists

Print a Record Page

Lightning Console Apps: Pop-Out Utilities, Subtab Options, and API Parity

Use Thanks Badges in Lightning Experience (Pilot)

Enjoy Increased Data Storage

Open Hyperlinks in Formula Fields Correctly

Lightning Experience Adoption: More Ways to Discover and Adopt the New Salesforce

Drive Your Lightning Experience Transition from One Place

Some Features in the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant are Renamed

Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update)

See Reminders to Transition to Lightning Experience

Display Adoption Assistance Features in Sandbox Environments

Onboarding & Assistance Is Now Adoption Assistance in Setup

Add Custom Resources to the Refreshed Lightning Experience Help Menu

Lightning Experience Configuration Converter: Scan and Prepare Visualforce Pages, Scan All Objects At Once

Give Us Feedback

Lightning Scheduler: Simplifying Appointment Scheduling

Create Personalized Appointments with Lightning Scheduler

Salesforce Surveys: Going Global and More Insight with New Question Types

Translate Your Surveys

Gain Insight from Your Customers with New Question Types

Create Custom Reports for Net Promoter Score®, Ranking, Rating, Scoring, and Slider Question Types

Generate Survey Invitations for Contacts and Person Accounts

Set an Expiration Date for a Survey Invitation


Safeguard Data in Searchable Objects with Improved Enforcement of Field-Level Security

Get Search Results for More Objects


High Velocity Sales: Accelerating Your Sales Team with Sales Cadences and Work Queues

Sales Cloud Einstein: Opportunity Scoring for All Users, Big Improvements to Einstein Activity Capture, and More Reporting

Lightning Data: Refresh Data Automatically

Core Sales Features

Collaborative Forecasts: Product Family Forecasting by Territory, Territory Forecast Sharing, and Expanded Forecast Range

Enterprise Territory Management: Territory-Based Sharing Options and Enhancements to Territory Forecasts

Accounts: Account Team Removal, Related Records Transfer to New Owner

Opportunities: Remove a Team in Lightning Experience

Other Changes in Core Sales Features

Productivity Features

Einstein Activity Capture: New Syncing Capabilities, Expanded Sharing, Better Metrics, and Enhancements to Email Insights

Email Experience: Better Email Privacy Enforcement, Ability to Send Non-Commercial Emails, More List Email Status Details, and Expanded Limits

Email Templates: Folders, Sharing, and Template Reporting

Activities and Tasks: Streamlined Event Creation and Closure

Lightning Dialer: Track the Result of Each Call

Salesforce Inbox App: Lightning Experience Templates, Android Notifications, Compound Email Insights

Notes: Say Goodbye to Unsafe Characters in Notes

Calendar: More Ways to Stay Organized in Lightning Experience

Lightning News

Integration with Google

Gmail Integration: Combined Chrome Extension, High Velocity Sales Work Queue, and More Email Logging Options

Lightning Sync: See Attendee Changes Made Through the API on Google Calendars

Integration with Microsoft®

Outlook Integration: High Velocity Sales Work Queue, More Logging Options, and Two-Factor Authentication and Outlook 2019 Support

Lightning Sync for Microsoft® Exchange: Event Series Sync (Generally Available) and Attendee Sync Improvements

Salesforce for Outlook: More Cloud-Based Alternatives and the Latest Installable Version

Salesforce CPQ and Billing: Expanded Invoicing, Amendment Options, and Consumption Schedules for Usage Summaries

Salesforce CPQ: Consumption Schedules for Usage Summaries and More Amendment Options

Salesforce Billing: New Invoicing Options for Usage Summaries and Evergreen Subscriptions


See Marketing Asset Performance on Campaigns (Generally Available)

Set Up B2B Marketing Analytics with Ease

Score Prospects on Engagement Activity

Get Insights on Campaign Performance (Beta)



Save Agents Time and Improve Accuracy and Completion with Einstein Case Classification

Evaluate How Well Your Bots Understand Your Customers

Make Your Bots Smarter with Customer Input Classification and Feedback

Put Your Bots to Work on Your SMS Text Messaging Channel

Set Up Einstein Bots More Easily with Channel Settings in the Bot Builder

Build Channel-Independent Bots

Check Out the Improved Bots Performance Dashboard

Get to Know Our New Bots Terminology

Suggest the Right Recommendations with Einstein Next Best Action (Generally Available)

Field Service

Manage Service Crews Faster (Beta)

Customize Service Appointment Feed Preferences

Filter Faster in the Gantt

Color-Code the Dispatcher Console

Create Work Order Line Items for Each Asset in a Maintenance Plan

Create Service Appointments for Leads

Create Your Own Icons for the Gantt

Sort Time Slots by Date When Booking Appointments

Control Access to Bulk Unscheduling

View Absences in the Multiday View

Enjoy Improved Field Service Help Content

Field Service Mobile App: Welcome to Version 5.0


Embrace the Future with the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool (Generally Available)

Manage Your Articles with Lightning Experience Actions

Attach Files to Emails with Lightning Knowledge

View Related Files on Articles in Communities

Embed Ooyala Videos in Knowledge Articles


Messaging: Transcript Access, Einstein Bots for SMS, and Skills-Based Routing

Communities: Let Your Customers Request a Call from Support

Chat: Expanded Transcript Access and Skills-Based Routing

Phone: Softphone Pop-Out and a Guided Setup Flow for Open CTI

Social Customer Service: Duplicate Facebook Message Prevention and Merged Records with Social Personas and Social Posts

Snap-Ins for Mobile Apps: Give Customers a Richer Chat Experience

Snap-Ins for Web: Queue Positions for Transfers, Chat Conferences, and Updated Post-Chat

Case Management

Service Console: More Convenience for Admins, Agents, and Customers

Lightning Flow for Service: Reusable Deployments and Easy-to-Find Paused Flows

Cases: Email Approval, Case Hierarchy, Contact Roles, and the Accept Case Button

Omni-Channel: Skills-Based Routing for Chats and Texts, Routing for Contact Requests, Enhancements to Omni Supervisor, and Attribute-Based Routing (Beta)

Agent Productivity: Relative Dates and Close Tab for Macros

Lightning Scheduler: Simplify Appointment Scheduling

Other Changes

Set Up Offline Support and Related Records in the Live Agent Setup Flow


Mobile Communities: Introducing Salesforce Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud

Lightning Communities

Update Your Lightning Community to the Latest Template

Update Selectors in the Navigation Menu, Related Articles, and Trending Articles by Topic

Translate Feed Items on the Spot

Level-Up Member Engagement with Missions

Move Feed Items for Best Placement

Help Your Members Stay on Topic

Get More Out of CMS for Community Cloud (Beta)

Use the Files Related List for Knowledge Articles in Communities

Upvotes Impact Influence Cards and Likes Received

Template and Theme Export Enhancements

Future-Proof Your Linking with Navigation API Calls

Get Faster Page Loads in Your Community

Add Hyperlinks to Your Community Posts and Comments

Better Navigation Experiences in Communities

Provide Search Engines with the Freshest Content Snapshots

Add Dynamic SEO Properties to More Object Detail Pages

Be in the Know About Your SEO

Lightning Components in Community Builder

Use Custom Lightning Web Components in Communities

Get More Use Out of Your Code with Lightning Container Components in Communities

Recommend Actions and Offers to Your Users (Generally Available)

Capture Feedback on the Helpfulness of Community Content

Help Customers Get Answers Fast, and Lighten Your Support Load

Add a Button to Let Community Members Request a Call from Support

Polish Your Buttons with More Style Properties

Add Styles to Your Featured Topics

Define a Default Feed Sort Order in Community Builder

Use Edit Inline in Record Detail

Take Control over Options in Record Lists

Get More Components in Your Customer Account Portal Template


Do More, More Easily with the Updated Audiences Editor

Create Custom Audience Formulas

Increase the Power of Audiences with New Criteria and Data Types

Partner Communities

Create Partner Account Relationships and Data Sharing Rules (Generally Available)

Update Partner Account Fields on Opportunities and Leads

Let Partner Users Manage Their Own Budgets with Budget Hierarchies

Internal Users and Admins Can View and Manage Community Members from Accounts

Merge Account Brand Information for Duplicate Accounts

Sharing and Security

Use Sharing Sets with Campaigns, Opportunities, and Orders (Generally Available)

Use Sharing Sets with Contacts with Multiple Accounts (Generally Available)

Enable External Org-Wide Defaults in Orgs with Communities or Portals (Critical Update)

Assign a Content Security Policy Level to Your Community

Avoid CSP Errors When Using CMS Connect

Discover and Resolve CSP Resource Issues

Enable Clickjack Protection More Easily in Community Builder

Restrict Community User Access to Cases (Generally Available)

See What Your Guest Users See

Set the iframeDomain Cookie in Sites and Communities in Internet Explorer

Localize Login Prompts and Error Messages for Login Discovery

Give New Users a Taste of Your Community Before They Sign Up

Create Your Own Verify Page for Community Sign-Ups

Control Whether Guest Users Can See Lightning Features in Sites

$Site.AdminEmailAddress to Be Deprecated in Summer ’19

Postponed “Remove Instance Names from URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Studio, and Content Files” Critical Update

Files in Lightning Communities

Track Stats on the Community File Detail Page

Let Community Guest Users Upload Files

Other Changes in Communities

Control Community User Visibility (Generally Available)

Create Reports on a Community’s Topic Usage

Take Action in Salesforce from Analytics Dashboards


Permission Set Groups: Group Permission Sets Based on User Tasks for Easier Assignment (Pilot)

Einstein: Next Best Action and Prediction Builder

Einstein Prediction Builder: Enhanced Scorecard, Notifications, and New Setup Flow (Generally Available)

Einstein Next Best Action: Use Strategies to Recommend Actions and Offers (Generally Available)

Build an Action Strategy to Produce Recommended Actions and Offers

Lightning Flow

Build Flows More Intuitively with Flow Builder

Process and Flow Design: External Data Access, Process and Flow Templates, Help-Request Flows for Communities

Flow Distribution: Recommended Flows with Next Best Action, Guided Action Deployments, and Snap-Ins that Let Guest Users Run Flows

Salesforce Connect

Track Data Changes to External Objects More Easily (Beta)

Connect Your Users to More External Data with Increased Hourly Limits

Validate Your Connections to External Object Data

Improved OData 2.0 Adapter for Salesforce Connect

Use External Objects in Processes and Flows

Related Updates for Developers

Lightning App Builder

Switch Your Lightning Page to a Different Template

Suggest Recommendations and Offers to Your Lightning Experience Users (General Availability)

Add Quip Documents Directly to Salesforce Records (Beta)

Add the Work Queue Component to Email Application Panes

Rich Text Component Uses the Quill Text Editor

Standard Lightning Page Template Labels Have Changed

Better Labels for Form Factors in Component Visibility Rules

Data Protection and Privacy

Fine-Tune Your Data Privacy Tracking with New Objects

Combine Consent API Requests into One Call with the Multiaction Endpoint

Merge Data Privacy Records in Lightning Experience

Add Demographic Information to Your Data Privacy Records

Report On Field History for Data Privacy Records

Classify Your Sensitive Data to Support Your Data Management Policies (Beta)


Connect with More Customers with New Platform Languages

Get Things Right with Right-to-Left Languages (Beta)

Translation Workbench Supports Survey Translation


Get New Sharing Options with Enterprise Territory Management

Improved Sharing Rules Documentation

General Setup

Create Custom Big Objects from Setup

Assign Default Home Pages Based on the Lightning App

Home Page Profile Assignments No Longer Editable for Classic Apps That Are Visible in Lightning

Check a Field’s References Before You Edit It (Beta)

Include Reserved Apex Names in External Services Schema

Add a Namespace Prefix to pageReference.state Properties and Query Parameters

Send the Session ID Securely in Outbound Messages

“Make Sure Records That Are Submitted Behind the Scenes Are Routed to the Right Approval Process” Critical Update Postponed