Manage Your Articles with Lightning Experience Actions

Get more done in Lightning Experience with three new and expanded actions, Restore, Edit as Draft, and Archive. Restore archived articles or past versions in Lightning Knowledge. Previously, restoring a past version required switching to Salesforce Classic. Make last-minute changes to translations that are published or in the publication queue to keep articles in sync. Quickly declutter your knowledge base by archiving multiple articles at once from list views. And customize your knowledge base however you like—these Lightning Experience actions are available in the Salesforce APIs and with Flow.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Developer, and Unlimited editions. Salesforce Knowledge is available for an additional cost in Professional, Performance, and Enterprise editions.

Who: To interact with Lightning Knowledge actions, users need the following permissions.

  • Restore—Available in record home. Requires Create, Edit, Update permission on Knowledge, and Manage Articles and Archive Articles permission on the user profile.
  • Archive from list views—Available in record home and list views. Requires Read, Update, Delete permission on Knowledge and Archive Articles on the user profile.
  • Edit as Draft—Available in record home. Requires Update on Knowledge and Manage Articles permissions on the user profile. Editing translations also requires the Edit Translations permission.

How: Add the Restore, Edit as Draft, and Archive buttons to your record home page layouts and set user profile permissions. The Archive button appears on list views for users with the appropriate access.