Streamline Patient Referrals with Referral Management

Streamline patient referrals with new tools that enhance management and collaboration throughout the entire referral process, from submission, to onboarding, to care. Use referral scoring to prioritize and process referrals more quickly with access to relevant details, all on one connected platform.

Where: This feature is available through the Health Cloud Platform permission set license in Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions where Health Cloud is enabled. The reports for the referral management feature are available through an unmanaged package.

Who: Users must have the Health Cloud Permission Set License and the Health Cloud Platform permission set assigned to them.

Why: Referral management closes the loop on the referral process—no more dropped referrals. Prioritize the best referrals, ensure timely referral processing, and track the referral to the final confirmation back to the referring physician.

  • Support multiple channels for how referrals come in to your company—whether it’s through faxes, through a provider community, or from a call center.
  • Get intelligent insights into referral patterns, including scores for top referrers, referral priority based on insurance or patient condition, closure tracking, and referral priority.
  • Track referrals from submission to closure, including closure tracking, escalations, and reminders to ensure that no referral is dropped.
How: Health Cloud offers the following support for referral management.
  • Two referral records: one based on the Lead object and the other on the Opportunity object
  • Record types for patient referrals on Lead and Opportunity objects
  • Standard and compact page layouts for referrals on Lead and Opportunity objects
  • A lead queue for open referrals
  • New fields added to Lead, Opportunity, and Contact objects that support referral management

Add the Referrals list view to a partner community, and let physicians and others create referrals in your organization.

Screenshot of the Referrals list in a community

We packaged up a set of reports that you can put on your home page dashboard. Install the unmanaged package, and let your users drill in to types of referrals, open referrals, and network leakage, all from one convenient dashboard.

Screenshot of referrals dashboard with five reports