Embed Dashboards in Lightning Experience Pages to Get Contextual Insights

Embedded dashboards bring the power of Einstein Analytics for Financial Services to the Lightning Experience pages that bankers and advisors use every day.

Where: This feature is available for an extra cost in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: A new Financial Advisor Home dashboard provides top-level metrics and insights to advisors through the Financial Services Cloud Wealth Management Application. It can be embedded anywhere you want to view analytics insights.

Financial Services Analytics embedded opportunity dashboard

Other targeted dashboards can be embedded in financial accounts, goals, leads or referrals, and product record pages. Each dashboard displays content that is contextual and specific to the record.

  • Financial Account. Shows an account’s history as well as assets under management, total financial assets, and client net worth.
  • Financial Goals. Displays a client’s progress toward a financial goal; for example, saving for college or retirement.
  • Leads & Referrals. Measures your success converting leads. Click through its carousel to see a revolving set of key performance indicators.
  • Opportunity. Helps gauge the opportunity for selling particular financial products. Also includes a carousel.

How: In Lightning App Builder, embed dashboards in Lightning Experience pages.