Highlight Your Qualifications with Improved AppExchange Listings for Consulting Partners

We redesigned AppExchange’s consulting partner listings to better showcase your practice’s skills and achievements. The new Expertise section lists your Salesforce certifications and Partner Navigator program status. The Overview section now includes an interactive map so it’s easier to see where you operate. We also made the listing header customizable and added a component to summarize key practice details.

Who: To create and edit AppExchange listings, you need the Manage Listings permission in the Salesforce Partner Community.

Why: Customers want the consulting partners they hire to have the right combination of knowledge and experience. The new listing design makes it easier to show customers how you’re qualified for their next implementation or integration.

A consulting service listing with highlights around a header image, the summary bar, and the Expertise section

The summary bar (1) provides key details about your practice, such as the number of projects you’ve completed. To set your listing apart from the rest, you can now personalize the header (2) with a custom image and background color. The Expertise section (3) shows customers how many Salesforce certifications you’ve earned and in what areas. This section also shows your Partner Navigator program accomplishments.

The map widget on a consulting service listing with the focus on locations in the United States

The map widget (4) is a new way for customers to learn about your practice’s geographic focus. We determine geographic focus by looking at where your employees hold Salesforce certifications. We also consider the locations of customers that you've co-sold licenses to as part of a joint engagement with Salesforce.

How: To customize your listing’s header, open the listing in the Publishing Console and click Media (5). To verify your company’s geographic focus, click Service Offering (6), and then click Select Locations. If a location is missing, let us know by logging a case in the Partner Community.

A consulting service listing in the Publishing Console with highlights around the Media tab and the Service Offering tab