Save Time Ordering Products with Contextual Product Requests (Android)

Creating product requests on an Android device is simpler and faster. Android devices now have product required.

Where: These changes apply to Field Service Lightning for Android and iOS in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

When: Version 5.0 is available for download on Google Play in January, 2019.

How: After the work order number is copied into the product request, the field is read only on the app.

Mobile workers on Androids can click on View all Products Required from the product consumed screen on a work order, and navigate to the Required Products.

When you use a quick action to create a product request from the detail view of a work order or work order line item, the product request now inherits the work order’s or work order line item’s number. Previously, you had to manually enter the number on product requests. On product requests that are created from the app via a quick action from a work order line item detail page, the work order and work order line item are auto-populated.

If you update the work order or work order line item number on a product request after it is inherited, a sync error occurs when the app tries to upload the data to Salesforce. Users aren’t able to upload those changes until they correct the problem.

Required products, only shows a list of required products if multiple location is enabled and doesn’t show how many products are in stock and there will be no option to add.