More Control on Layouts

This version brings your workforce closer to a unified experience, no matter if they use an Android or iOS device. In doing so, there are significant changes to the look of the mobile app and how it is administered.

Where: These changes apply to Field Service Lightning for Android and iOS in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

When: Version 5.0 is available for download on App Store and Google Play in January, 2019.

How: Much of the user interface is driven by related list layouts. If the first field in the related list layout is empty, then by default we show the last modified date. If the reference field name is empty, there’s no tab to view.

On Service Appointment, the Asset Service History shows three fields and pulls from the Work Order related list on the Asset object page layout.

Service Appointment Asset Service History

Also on Service Appointment, the Work Order Line Item has two sub fields, which are pulled from the Work Order Line Item’s related list layout on the Work Order.

Service Appointment Work Order Line Item

On a Work Order, the Products Consumed is pulled from the Product Consumed related list layout on the Work Order, where the Product Number must be the first field.

Work order products consumed pulled from the related list

Also, the Location tab in a technician’s schedule is pulled from the search results layout on the Work Order.

Location pulled from work order

On the Inventory tab, the layout comes from the search result layout on the Product Item object.



The amount, or quantity, can’t be changed.

Inventory layout from the product item object