Other Field Service Lightning Mobile Enhancements

Look out for these improvements to your mobile experience.

Where: These changes apply to Field Service Lightning for Android and iOS in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

When: Version 5.0 is available for download on Google Play in January, 2019.

Empty Fields are No Longer Skipped
Mobile users can see fields without values in their Field Service Lightning Mobile app.
Backdate to the Future
If a mobile device ahead of the server, the mobile time and date stamp doesn’t affect the recorde update validation.
Resource Absences Have Start and End Dates
Keep your resources in check. All resource absences must have start and end dates.
Simple Markup for Extensions
The param substitution for {! works instead of {!$ for app extensions.
View Videos From Device Player
For improved performance, iOS devices must download videos from a Chatter feed and view them with their device player.
No Support for iOS 10 or Eariler
Upgrade your iOS devices to iOS 11 or later.