Communicate Clearly with Offline Chatter Enhancements (Android)

Get access to more of your favorite Chatter features in Field Service Lightning for Android even when working without internet access. Users working offline can view the Chatter feed, create, edit, and delete posts, comment on posts, and upload images to the Chatter feed on primed records.

Where: These changes apply to Field Service Lightning for Android and iOS in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

When: Version 5.0 is available for download on Google Play in January, 2019.

How: Field Service Lightning Android users can view the Chatter feed offline on records that have been primed (downloaded to their mobile device). Records are automatically downloaded according to the default list view in Field Service Mobile Settings and the user’s calendar of assigned service appointments. Records that aren’t part of the default list view are downloaded when they are opened by the user manually in the app while connected to the internet.

Users working offline can also create posts, comment on posts, and upload images on the Chatter feed for primed records. Any post, comment, or file posted to the Chatter feed is added to the pending upload queue until internet connectivity is restored.

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