Color-Code the Dispatcher Console

Use color to help dispatchers work more efficiently in the Gantt. You can already color-code appointments in the dispatcher console by creating Gantt palettes or setting an appointment’s Gantt color. Now, assign service crews colors, apply background shading in the appointment list, and highlight the list’s appointments on the Gantt.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with the Field Service Lightning managed package installed.

How: To set a service crew’s Gantt background color, add the Gantt Color field to service crew layouts. Then, enter a hex code in the field on any service crew record. For example, display service crew members in red if a company vehicle is assigned to the crew. Crew members without a defined Gantt color appear in purple.
Color-coded Gantt

To highlight appointments shown in the appointment list on the Gantt, select an appointment list filter or enter a search term. For example, filter the appointment list to show only appointments that include the word “Repair.” Then, click Highlight at the bottom of the list. All appointments and absences not shown in the list appear faded.

Highlighted appointments

To apply background shading to the appointment list, click the gear icon and select Dispatch Console Settings. In the Appointment List Color-Coding field, select Default (white background color), Full Shading (flat background color), or Horizontal Gradient (shown here).

Gradient color-coding


  • An appointment’s color on the Gantt and appointment list is based on its status. However, Gantt palettes and the Gantt Color field on service appointments override the status-based color scheme.
  • Regardless of the appointment list color-coding setting, appointments with rule violations are highlighted in yellow and in-jeopardy appointments are highlighted in red.