Einstein Next Best Action: Use Strategies to Recommend Actions and Offers (Generally Available)

Display the right recommendations, at the right moment, to the right people with Einstein Next Best Action. Integrate business rules, predictive models, and data—both inside and outside of Salesforce—to create unique strategies for all your use cases. Maybe you have offers, like discounts and upgrades, that are only relevant under specific conditions. Perhaps service agents have multiple ways to assist customers, and you want to guide the agent to the best action. Consider using Einstein Next Best Action.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions.

Why: For example, when an agent opens a contact record, the Einstein Next Best Action component requests a set of recommendations from Strategy Builder and displays recommended offers for that contact. Three possible actions could surface, so the strategy runs and produces the best one.
  • The first action is filtered out because the customer’s credit score isn’t above a certain threshold.
  • The second action is filtered out because it’s an upsell offer for a service that the customer already has.
  • The final action is surfaced and recommended because the customer’s satisfaction score is above average, and a different upsell offer is appropriate.

Recommendation surfaced through Lightning App Builder

How: Create recommendations to filter through your strategy. Create and activate screen flows that include actions or offers, and connect them to your recommendations. When a user accepts a recommendation, the associated screen flow launches.

Find Strategy Builder under Next Best Action in Setup. Create strategies that load recommendations and filter or sort those recommendations based on rules, predictions, field values, and external data.

Display recommendations for a given strategy by adding the Lightning component to your record pages. For Lightning record pages, add the Einstein Next Best Action component. For Lightning community pages, add the Suggested Actions component. For Visualforce pages, use Lightning Out to add the lightning:nextBestAction component.