Salesforce Einstein: Case Classification, Reports for Insights and Contacts, and Pardot Behavior Scoring (Generally Available)

Einstein brings you reports on insights and contact suggestions, while elevating what you get from reports with Einstein Data Insights. Improved syncing, sharing, and metrics with Einstein Activity Capture, as well as Case Classification and smarter bots make agents and admins more efficient. Prediction Builder gives you the impact of each predictor in your model and notifies you when it’s ready.

Here’s how Einstein helps you work smarter.


Einstein Activity Capture: Go to the Next Level with Syncing Capabilities, Increased Sharing, and Better Metrics

Sync contacts and events. Share activities with colleagues who don’t use Einstein Activity Capture. Get a better understanding of activities with activity metrics and an improved Activities dashboard. Plus, do more with Einstein Email Insights and Recommended Connections.

Einstein Insights: Create Reports Based on Insights

You can now create reports and dashboards related to account and opportunity insights. Get a better understanding of your customers by, for example, running reports that show all insights for specific accounts or opportunities.

Einstein Automated Contacts: Create Reports Based on Suggestions

You can create reports and dashboards related to contact suggestions and opportunity contact role suggestions. For example, use reports to get a quick view of which suggestions Einstein added to Salesforce and for which accounts.

Give Opportunity Scores to More Users

Now everyone can prioritize opportunities and close more deals. If you have at least one Sales Cloud Einstein license, we’ll turn on Einstein Opportunity Scoring for all Salesforce users at your company. Users who are assigned a Sales Cloud Einstein license see scores on all opportunities, while all other users see scores on a limited number of opportunities.

See Opportunity Scores in More Places

Opportunity scores are now in the opportunity Recently Viewed list view when it’s displayed as a table. So sales reps can work from a prioritized list of opportunities with fewer clicks.

Score Prospects on Engagement Activity

Your prospects generate a lot of data, but it’s hard to know what to do with it. Einstein analyzes your Pardot prospects’ activities to aggregate and grade their engagement, so you can focus on the people who mean the most to your business. Place the Einstein Scoring component on your prospect records to see granular, meaningful insights.

Get Insights on Campaign Performance (Beta)

Guessing what makes prospects engage with your campaigns isn’t effective. Campaign Insights uses artificial intelligence to uncover similarities among prospects who engage with your campaigns. Use the Einstein Campaign Insights component to optimize your marketing assets and find new audiences.


Save Agents Time and Improve Accuracy and Completion with Einstein Case Classification

Use Einstein Case Classification to recommend or populate picklist and checkbox field values for new cases based on past data. Display those recommendations to your agents in the Service Console in Lightning Experience and Saleseforce Classic. In Lightning Experience your agents view recommendations in the related record component.

Evaluate How Well Your Bots Understand Your Customers

The Model Management page provides metrics on the quality of your bot’s intent model and a detailed look at individual intents. Use the information to fine-tune intents and improve how well your bot understands your customers.

Make Your Bots Smarter with Customer Input Classification and Feedback

Review how a bot classifies what your customers type in chat and then approve, ignore, or reclassify each input to the proper intent. This feedback process helps your bot learn and become smarter over time.

Put Your Bots to Work on Your SMS Text Messaging Channel

Build your bot once, and deploy it to the LiveMessage SMS text messaging channel in addition to the Live Agent chat channel.

Set Up Einstein Bots More Easily with Channel Settings in the Bot Builder

Are you confused when setting up your bot to work with LiveAgent? You’re not alone! We streamlined channel setup by moving it into the Bot Builder.

Build Channel-Independent Bots

Do you plan to put your bot to work on both Live Agent and SMS Text Messaging channels? If so, check out the new context variables and system variable that let your bot gather customer information regardless of channel. No need for pre-chat form rule actions or custom code.

Check Out the Improved Bots Performance Dashboard

You can now filter by date and channel (chat, messaging) on the Performance Dashboard. And you have more ways to understand your bot’s performance: Top Last Dialogs, Escalation Success, Einstein Intent Usage, and Interactions.

Get to Know Our New Bots Terminology

To support natural-language processing, we’re introducing the term utterance and distinguishing it from customer input.


Learn More from Your Reports with Einstein Data Insights (Generally Available)

Einstein Data Insights extends your reports with AI to help you discover new and useful insights about your data.

Crunch More Data with Double the Row Limit

Einstein Discovery can create stories from Einstein Analytics datasets with up to 20 million rows.

Export Your Story for Additional Analysis

Export your story to R so your data scientists can analyze and customize the model in their own language. Export your story to Quip to share with business users on your team.

Easily Deploy Models to Salesforce Objects

Map fields between a model and a Salesforce object, so you can get the recommendations and predictions you want without writing code.

Encrypt Einstein Discovery Data (Pilot)

Einstein Discovery users who have the Shield Platform encryption license can now opt-in to encrypt Einstein Discovery data.


Einstein Prediction Builder: Enhanced Scorecard, Notifications, and New Setup Flow (Generally Available)

After a successful beta program, Einstein Prediction Builder is now generally available. Find details about the impact of each predictor in the scorecard. Get notifications when your prediction is ready. Build your predictions more efficiently in a streamlined setup flow.

Einstein Next Best Action: Use Strategies to Recommend Actions and Offers (Generally Available)

Display the right recommendations, at the right moment, to the right people with Einstein Next Best Action. Integrate business rules, predictive models, and data—both inside and outside of Salesforce—to create unique strategies for all your use cases. Maybe you have offers, like discounts and upgrades, that are only relevant under specific conditions. Perhaps service agents have multiple ways to assist customers, and you want to guide the agent to the best action. Consider using Einstein Next Best Action.

Build an Action Strategy to Produce Recommended Actions and Offers

Use Strategy Builder to create a stream of actions and offers that you can display on Lightning record pages and Community pages. Strategy Builder is a point-and-click automation tool for creating strategies for Einstein Next Best Action. With Strategy Builder, you can sort, filter, and prioritize your recommendations.