New and Changed Chatter in Apex Enums

These enums are new or have changes.

For information about these enums, see ConnectApi Enums in the Apex Developer Guide.

This enum has one new value.
  • Hyperlink—Hyperlink anchor tag.
This enum has a renamed value.
  • Proposition is now Recommendation.
This enum was previously named ConnectApi.NBAReactionType.
This new enum has these values.
  • FeedItemAnswerAQuestion—User answered a question.
  • FeedItemLikeSomething—User liked a post or comment.
  • FeedItemMarkAnswerAsBest—User marked an answer as the best answer.
  • FeedItemPostQuestion—User posted a question.
  • FeedItemReceiveAComment—User received a comment on a post.
  • FeedItemReceiveALike—User received a like on a post or comment.
  • FeedItemReceiveAnAnswer—User received an answer to a question.
  • FeedItemWriteAComment—User commented on a post.
  • FeedItemWriteAPost—User made a post.
  • FeedItemYourAnswerMarkedBest—​User’s answer was marked as the best answer.