Forecast the Future from the Explorer

To maximize your bottom line and minimize losses, you need to plan your business expenses and forecast sales projections. We made the timeseries functions available in the compare-table formula editor so that you can predict those numbers faster.

Where: This change applies to Einstein Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Analytics is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: To work with the timeseries functions in the explorer, you need an Analytics Growth or Analytics Plus license.

Why: The timeseries functions let you apply the best algorithms on your existing data to make predictions for the future. We automatically choose the most suitable seasonality and predictions models for your data. You can specify the number of prediction points to plot, and choose to include or ignore seasonal data and current data.

Time series in the explorer

How: You can apply timeseries functions to a lens that includes at least two measures and one time-based dimension. In the compare table, select the column you want to use for forecasting. Set the number of prediction points and specify the prediction model you want to apply. Choose whether to include seasonal data and data from the most current time period. When done, click Apply.