Learn More from Your Reports with Einstein Data Insights (Generally Available)

Einstein Data Insights extends your reports with AI to help you discover new and useful insights about your data.

Where: This change applies to Einstein Analytics in Lightning Experience. Einstein Analytics and Einstein Data Insights are available for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions. Also available in Developer Edition.

Who: To view an insight, you need the Can Run Einstein Data Insights user permission that is included in the Einstein Analytics Plus license.

Why: Reports show you data, but what does the data mean? Wonder no more! Introducing Einstein Data Insights: a smarter report. Einstein analyzes report data and summarizes key takeaways, comparisons, and trends with insightful charts and metrics. It’s one-click data science!

For example, if you’re interested in maximizing opportunity amount, an analysis from Einstein Data Insights can help.

How: Analyze report data with Einstein Data Insights on an opportunities report by clicking Insights after running the report. Einstein Data Insights asks about your goals.

Running an analysis on Opportunity Amount

Let's tell Einstein that we're interested in maximizing opportunity amount (1). After clicking Create, Einstein Data Insights shows us when opportunity amount is maximized. For example, when Route to Market is Field Sales, Opportunity Amount is higher than average (2).

Getting more info about why Opportunity Amount is higher than average when Route to Market is Fields Sales

To learn more about why Opportunity Amount variance, click the insight card (3).

Here are some other things you can do with Einstein Data Insights to explore your data.

  • Change the insight (outcome variable) of a story.
  • Filter data to focus on certain insights.
  • Improve your data to make the insights more relevant.
  • Scroll the insights list to look for insights that interest you.
  • Click an insight to expand it.
  • Learn more about an insight that interests you by hovering over chart segments and hyperlinks to reveal underlying details.

Now that Einstein Data Insights is generally available, these features and enhancements are available.

Save and Retrieve Einstein Data Insight Analyses
After running an analysis with Einstein Data Insights, it's automatically saved. When you next run Einstein Data Insights on the report, you see a list of saved analyses. To quickly view insights from an analysis, click it.
Viewing the list of saved analyses
Analyze How Often Things Occur
Choose Occurrences when Einstein asks what you want to focus on. Occurrences-based analyses are useful when you want to know, for example, how many cases are filed each day of the week.
Run Einstein Data Insights by Clicking Insights
We renamed the button you click to run Einstein Data Insights. Previously it was labeled Einstein Data Insights. Now it is labeled Insights.