Take Action in Salesforce from Analytics for Communities

Analytics for Communities now supports opening Salesforce records and performing record-level actions and bulk actions. You set up an action menu on a dataset or a bulk action on a table widget. Then your community users can open records and take action in Salesforce directly from the Analytics dashboard, without leaving your community.

Where: This change applies to Lightning communities accessed through Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Communities are available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Einstein Analytics is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: Users with a Customer Community Plus, Partner Community, or Lightning External Apps Plus license can use Analytics for Communities.

Why: Let users create, update, and interact with Salesforce records that underlie the Analytics dashboards they see in their community. Action menus can include object-specific and global actions defined in Salesforce, such as creating cases, updating accounts, and posting to Chatter.

Chart and table with action menus on Analytics dashboard embedded in community

You can also configure bulk action menu options to let users perform actions on multiple Salesforce records with only one click. For example, using the dashboard to filter a set of leads in a table, a user could create a campaign for those leads by selecting the bulk action in the table’s menu.

Analytics table dropdown with a bulk action option

How: Add an action menu to any dataset field, except a measure. You can set up the menu to include any actions available for the field. When an action menu is set up, a dropdown arrow appears in charts, chart legends, and table cells. Records that users access then open in new tabs within the community.

With Analytics bulk actions, you can perform an action on all records shown in a table. You define the bulk action in a Visualforce page that is enabled for Lightning communities. You can also configure the Visualforce page to display the results of the action or show an interactive form. When the bulk action is set up, users can access it in the table’s menu.

Be aware of the following considerations.
  • Action menus are accessible in dashboards embedded via either Community Builder–based templates or Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce templates.
  • Analytics for Communities isn’t supported on mobile.
  • To access a record from a dashboard’s action menu, the user must have access to its objects and fields.
  • Users see only actions available to their profile.
  • Bulk actions are available only in values tables.
  • Visualforce pages and components used in bulk actions must be made available for use in Lightning communities.