Other Enhancements in App Building

Show stacked bar totals. Style the selected tab in a toggle widget. Learn about other minor changes in explorer and dashboard designer.

Where: These changes apply to Einstein Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Analytics is available in Developer Edition for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Why: These enhancements make it easier to build Analytics apps.

Totals in stacked bars. Show the total for each bar in stacked bar and stacked column charts. To subtract negative values from the total, select Net. To ignore the negative signs and add the absolute values, select Absolute. The animation shows the absolute and net totals in a stacked column chart.

Styling for the selected tab in a toggle. Make it easier to see which tab is selected in a toggle widget by applying a unique style to it.The animated gif shows the effects of styling the selected tab in the Style Tab Style widget properties.

Dependent global filters. Ever applied multiple global filters and received no results? Solve this problem by using dependent global filters. When adding a global filter, select Dependent to limit its picklist values based on selections in other global filters. This option applies to global filters that use the same dataset or a connected data source. For example, you select an opportunity in the Opportunity Name global filter. Only products sold in the selected opportunity appear in the Product Name global filter picklist. The Dependent option is selected for the Product Name global filter.

Custom message when no results found in a number widget. Customize the message that appears when no results are found. The default message is “No Results Found.” A custom message is specified in the "Customize message for no results" option.

Easier selection of thin bars in charts. We added extra padding around thin bars to make them easier to hover over and select. This change applies to bar, column, combo, pyramid, time combo, and waterfall chart types.

New Filters Pane. You no longer have to scroll past all the data fields to access the filters pane. Because data explorations often involve working with filters, we gave them their own screen real estate. So, now you get to all the same great functionality, but faster.Filters pane in the explorer lens

Dashboard selections are reset when a query grouping changes. Dashboard selections now automatically reset each time you change your query grouping. Before Spring '19, query groupings persisted and had to be manually reset when switching to a different grouping.