Build Visualizations Quickly with Smart Dashboard Templates

The latest smart templates create ready-made dashboards that visualize how metrics change over time and predict future metrics trends based on historical data.
The Time Series dashboard created from a smart dashboard template

Where: This feature is available in Einstein Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Einstein Analytics is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Who: To use smart Analytics dashboard templates or the SAQL timeseries feature, you must have an Analytics Platform license.

Why: Smart templates automatically build Analytics dashboards using existing datasets according to preferences you set in a configuration wizard. You don’t have to select and position widgets, create steps, add filters, write any JSON, or perform any of the usual manual dashboard-building tasks. Analytics takes care of all that for you.

We’re building a wide variety of smart templates to address common analytics needs. Here are the latest:
  • Time Series. Look at future metrics trends based on historical data. Select a dataset, dimensions, and measures to include in the dashboard, and Analytics does the rest. You have the option of using the SAQL timeseries feature without having to write a line of SAQL. Or create the dashboard without SAQL.
  • Table Expansion. Visualize how metrics change over time with customized filters based on wizard selections. The dashboard details table expands into a full page so you can quickly view complete data.

How: In Analytics Studio, select Create | Dashboard. Then click Dashboard from Template, look for templates marked SMART or use Search, and select the one you want. The Time Series smart dashboard template tile in the dashboard template picker, showing the Smart tagThe configuration wizard then guides you through the rest of the process.