Metadata API Types

Metadata API includes new and changed types and fields.

New Metadata Types

Represents a certificate used for digital signatures which verify that requests are coming from your org. Certificates are used for either authenticated single sign-on with an external website, or when using your org as an identity provider.
Represents a group of users who have the same administrative privileges. These groups are different from public groups used for sharing.
Represents a list of keywords used in community moderation. This keyword list is a type of moderation criteria that defines offensive language or inappropriate content that you don’t want in your community.
Represents a rule used in your community to moderate user-generated content. Each rule specifies the user-generated content the rule applies to, the criteria to enforce the rule on, and the moderation action to take. You can create rules that block, flag, or replace user-generated content that contains offensive language or inappropriate content.

Updated Metadata Types and Fields

These metadata types have changed or have fields that have been added or changed.

The following field has been added:
If the type field is set to flexipage, set this field to Large to override the View action with a Lightning Page in Lightning Experience.
This field is part of the pilot feature for creating and editing record pages in Lightning Experience.


Creating and editing Lightning Experience record pages using the Lightning App Builder is currently available to Developer Edition organizations through a pilot program. Pilot programs are subject to change, and as such, we cannot guarantee a particular time frame in which this feature can be enabled. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this document, press releases, or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make their purchase decisions based on features that are currently available.

The type field now accepts the new enumeration value flexipage.
The following field has been updated.
This read only field indicates whether Shared Activities is enabled. When the value is true, allows users to relate multiple contacts to a task or event.


Beginning with API v36.0, this field is read-only in all versions of the API. You can’t change the value of this field. Even though this field was updateable before Spring '16, changing this field’s value wasn't supported and could have resulted in an incorrect integration. If you have code in older API versions that changes the value of this field, ensure you update that code to prevent any errors.

The type field now accepts the new enumeration value Tokens.
The following fields have been added.
Required, but only with custom authentication provider plug-ins, when ProviderType is Custom. The API name of the authentication provider.
An existing Apex class that implements the Auth.AuthProviderPlugin interface.
The providerType field now accepts the new enumeration value Custom.
The following fields have been added.
Indicates if a Salesforce console app has tab hover enabled, which displays summary information about a record in an overlay when the user hovers over a tab.
Indicates whether limits are enabled on the number of primary tabs and subtabs that can be opened in a Salesforce console session. When true, values for tabLimitConfig are required
Represents the maximum number of primary tabs and subtabs allowed in one Salesforce console session. Required if enableTabLimits is true.
Added support for the upsertMetadata() function.
The following field has been updated.
For an external data source of type OData or OData4, this JSON-encoded configuration string has the following new parameters, listed with their corresponding fields in the user interface.
  • csrfTokenEnabledCSRF Protection
  • csrfTokenNameAnti-CSRF Token Name
The following fields have been added:
Specifies the types of files allowed in your community. This whitelist of file types lets you control what your community members upload and also prevents spammers from polluting your community with inappropriate files.
Specifies the maximum file size (in KBs) that members can upload in your community.
The actionListContext field now accepts the new enumeration values:
BannerPhoto. Banner photos are available on profiles in Lightning Experience.
ListViewDefinition. Returns the corresponding list view that can be created from the API.
Lookup. Returns the create action expected for creating an object or record from a lookup.
The following fields have been added to the PlatformCachePartitionType subtype.
The amount of namespace-specific purchased storage capacity, in MB, that is allocated for the cache type.
The amount of trial cache space, in MB, that is allocated for the cache type.
The following field in the PlatformCachePartitionType subtype has been changed.
This field is renamed to allocatedCapacity.
The following field has been removed from the PlatformCachePartitionType subtype.
The following fields have been added.
Indicates whether successful completion of the action creates a feed item (true) or not (false). Applies only to Create Record, Update Record, and Log a Call quick action types.
The message that displays to the user upon successful completion of the action.