Communities Documentation: Enjoy a Flurry of Fresh Winter Content

We refreshed our content offerings with several new pieces that explain the nuances of sharing CRM data securely in Communities. We also cleaned out some stale material and consolidated our content to make it searchable from Salesforce Help.
Why: Sharing the right CRM data with the right people in your community is essential for success. But understanding exactly who sees what can sometimes feel a little daunting. We get that. That’s why we created a range of new material that explains how to share data in your community securely. It’s time to curl up and get cozy with some great new content.
  • Share CRM Data with Your Partners: This Trailhead project gives you hands-on practice with setting up sharing settings for external users, such as external org-wide defaults, account roles and the role hierarchy, sharing rules, and sharing sets.
  • Who Sees What in Communities: This video series explains how to share data securely with external users through portals and communities. Learn about external org-wide defaults, account roles, sharing rules, and more.
  • Sharing CRM Data in a Portal or Community: This handy cheat sheet contains lots of useful resources around setting up data sharing for your portal or community.

As we welcome in new material, it’s also time to bid farewell to the Using Templates to Build Communities guide, which we retired. All the information from this guide—and so much more—is now available in Salesforce Help, which is fully searchable and translated into all supported languages. If you prefer to download your content, use the Set Up and Manage Communities guide instead, which consolidates all help topics into a single PDF.