Show Your Salesforce IoT Data Anywhere in Salesforce with IoT Insights

Make your Salesforce IoT data available to your users throughout Salesforce, giving them more information to serve customers. The IoT Insights Lightning standard component enhances your CRM data by showing Salesforce IoT information alongside it. You can include the component on Salesforce Lightning record pages, such as cases, work orders, and assets.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: You must have a Salesforce IoT license. Any user who has access to the parent record can view the data in the IoT Insights component.

Why: Give your users access to Salesforce IoT data from any Lightning record page in Salesforce.

IoT Insights component in asset record

You can also add Salesforce IoT data to your community using the IoT Insights component in the Community Builder. Customers can view information about their own connected devices, and partners can access Salesforce IoT device data to better service your customers.

This component is available only for record pages and is available only in English.

How: From Setup, enter IoT in the Quick Find box, then select Get Started. In Enable Salesforce IoT, click Enable. In Enable IoT Insights, click Enable.

To show Salesforce IoT data in the IoT Insights Lightning component, create and activate an orchestration with your desired variables. Add the IoT Insights component through the Lightning App Builder or the Lightning Community Builder.