Ensure Consistency and Compliance in Customer Engagement Processes with Action Plans

Capture repeatable tasks in templates and then automate the task sequences with an action plan. Enhance collaboration and productivity by automatically assigning task owners and deadlines for specific client engagements, such as account openings, loan approvals, and claims processing. Create reports and dashboards to monitor progress and ensure compliance.

Where: This feature is available in Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions that have Financial Services Cloud enabled.

How: Add the Action Plan Templates tab to the navigation bar, and update the client and account Lightning pages to include action plans.

Create templates for a customer engagement process, such as a loan approval, and share with task owners.

A task template containing a series of tasks.

For each template task, define its priority, a date offset (the number of days to complete the task), whether it is required, and who it is assigned to the task when an action plan is created from the template.

New task definition dialog.

Use the action plan template to create an action plan for an account. Set the action plan’s start date, and indicate whether to skip nonwork days.

Creating a new action plan from a template.

Users see their assigned tasks in the task lists and views, such as the account’s activity timeline. They can update the task status using the standard task interfaces or the Action Plan detail view.

An action plan task highlighted in the activity timeline.

Track overall progress in the action plan detail view.

Details of a completed action plan.