Salesforce Einstein: Custom Fields in Forecasting, Automated Flows for Bots, Faster Data Visualization, and Enhanced Image Detection

Improvements and new features in Einstein Forecasting, Activity Capture, Bots, and Analytics give you greater flexibility, quicker setup, and easier insights. Take a look at the brains we packed into your business machine.


Einstein Forecasting: Optimize Your Forecasting Model with Custom Fields

Einstein now uses your custom opportunity fields to provide more accurate forecast predictions. If you have opportunity fields that aren’t relevant to closing deals, a new setup wizard lets you ignore specific custom opportunity fields.

Einstein Activity Capture: Get More from Einstein Email Insights and Connect with Recommended Connections

Customize email insights to fit your business. Sales reps can take action from insights and leave feedback there. Plus, find new business by seeing which colleagues are connected to a prospect.

Einstein Readiness Assessor: Run the Readiness Assessor in Sandbox

When you run the Einstein Readiness Assessor in sandbox, you know which Sales Cloud Einstein features are ready to be turned on in sandbox. Sandbox environments are best suited for testing how Sales Cloud Einstein features work with your architecture, workflows, and Lightning components. We recommend that you don’t evaluate the performance of the Einstein model based on what you see in sandbox because the data in sandbox environments is limited. Instead, evaluate the model in a production org that has the required amount of historical data.

Einstein Insights: Access Account and Opportunity Insights from Your Mobile Device (Beta)

Einstein Insights are now available when you’re on the go! Reps can stay informed with important updates, and take action directly from the insights, including editing the related record or sending emails.


Supercharge Your Bot with Autolaunched Flows—No Coding Required

Bring your automated processes to Einstein Bots. Call autolaunched flows from your bot dialogs. Open a case, update a contact, or trigger a journey, right in the chat conversation.

Analyze Einstein Bots Sessions Easily and More Deeply

Session logs record the details of your bot for a given session. Use the logs when building your bot to confirm the steps. And before you put your bot to work, event tracking helps you debug the interaction design.

Define Bot Question Elements Differently with Slots Renamed to Variables

For greater flexibility in how Einstein Bots gather, manage, and store data, slots are renamed variables and no longer require an associated entity. Don’t worry—you don’t have to update your current bots. For existing bots, we handle the change for you. For new bots, you use a slightly different process to create Question elements that gather customer data.

Train Bots More Easily with a Unified Intent Set Across All Bot Versions

All Einstein Bot versions now share a single bot intent set. To add customer inputs, you previously had to update the intents for each bot version. Now with unified intents, each bot version learns from the unified intent set. If you currently have multiple bot versions, we moved them into standalone bots. New versions share an intent set.

Build Intents Quickly by Adding Customer Inputs with the Data Loader

If you use dialog intents to understand what your customers want, you need at least 150 inputs to build an effective intent model. Adding all these customer inputs manually is tedious and time consuming. One way to add customer inputs more quickly is with the Data Loader.

Understand Your Customers More Quickly—Einstein Bots Support Literal Matches

It takes effort to identify all the different ways customers ask for help. You expect your bot to understand every variation that you add to your dialog intents. With literal matching, your Einstein bot looks for an exact match for what the customer types in chat. If the bot finds the precise customer input in a dialog intent, it launches the corresponding dialog.


Einstein Discovery: Integrated in Einstein Analytics

Einstein Discovery is fully integrated into Einstein Analytics. Now you create stories from Analytics datasets, and navigate stories, investigate insights, visualize data, and discover predictions—all within the familiar Einstein Analytics interface. Learn to enhance your models by examining metrics that reveal their statistical basis and performance, and manage goals and models that you have deployed to Salesforce using the new Model Manager.

Expedite Data Visualization with Conversational Queries (Generally Available)

Type a word or two, click a suggested data query, and instantly view answers in a chart or table. Conversational exploration is that easy, and it’s now generally available. In addition, you see enhancements such as in-context query help and more options for date filters.

Do More from the Dataset Edit Page

The dataset edit page is now the central launchpad for all your dataset tools. More tools are available and everything is at the top of the page within easy reach. Start a recipe, create a story in Einstein Discovery, or explore the data in a lens, all from the dataset edit page.

Fast-Track Your Data from a CSV File to a Lens, Recipe, or Story

From zero to insights: Upload your external data, and start exploring or preparing in fewer clicks. Track the upload status as you go. Land on the dataset’s edit page, from where you can start a recipe or a story in Einstein Discovery, or explore the data.


Einstein Next Best Action: Recommend Actions and Offers Using Strategies (Pilot)

Integrate business rules, predictive models, and data—both inside and outside of Salesforce—to deliver the right offer at the right moment to the right person. Perhaps you have offers that are relevant only under particular conditions, such as an upgrade or a discount. Or maybe service agents have multiple ways to assist customers, and you want to guide the agent to the most appropriate action. Consider using Einstein Next Best Action.

Predict What’s Next in Your Business with Einstein Prediction Builder (Beta)

Einstein Prediction Builder continues its beta program in this maintenance release. When you buy Einstein Analytics Plus or Einstein Predictions, you get Einstein Prediction Builder for free.