Salesforce Einstein: The World’s Smartest CRM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Everyone

Salesforce Einstein is AI built into the Salesforce platform. It delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, and marketing—and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Now, every Trailblazer in every role and industry can use AI to be their best.

Here’s the list of Einstein features that help make Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM.


Trailhead: Get Smart with Salesforce Einstein
See how AI is transforming CRM with smart predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation. Learn about many of the Einstein features available today and how you can use them to discover insights and predict outcomes.


Einstein Analytics, the New Name for Wave Analytics
The Wave Analytics brand is now Einstein Analytics. It includes multiple products: Einstein Analytics Platform, prebuilt apps, and Einstein Data Discovery, which is now Einstein Discovery. The prebuilt apps, permission set licenses, and user permissions also have modified names. Starting in Summer ’17 and continuing in Winter ’18, we applied the new names throughout the product and documentation.
Einstein Discovery: Better Answers, Explanations, and Recommendations
New features in Einstein Discovery make it easier for anyone to tap into the power of data science. Statistical and predictive analytics give you answers, explanations, and recommendations.
Trailhead: Einstein Discovery Basics
Do the Einstein Discovery Basics module to learn how to listen to the stories your data can tell you. Then do the Einstein Discovery Data Integration module to learn how to bring your Salesforce, Oracle, and Postgres data into Einstein Discovery to get answers, insights, and recommendations.


Einstein Search Dictionaries (Beta): Better Search Results for Shoppers
Using the power of artificial intelligence, Einstein Search Dictionaries surfaces search terms that aren’t in your retail dictionary and suggests which synonym list to add them to. You save time and money and your shoppers get more powerful, comprehensive search results.
Trailhead: Learn About Commerce Cloud Einstein
Learn more about the features and capabilities of Commerce Cloud Einstein


Discover Popular Files
Use the new Recommendations component in Partner Central communities to show members which files are popular. Popularity is determined by the number of people who have recently viewed a file and whether the file includes text and is in a library.


Einstein Language (Beta): Build Natural Language Processing into Your Apps
Use the Einstein Language APIs to build natural language processing into your apps and unlock powerful insights within text. The language APIs include the Einstein Intent API and the Einstein Sentiment API.
Einstein Vision: Multi-Label Models, Model Feedback, and Global Datasets
Einstein Vision Version 2.0 has been released. With this version, Einstein Vision is now the umbrella term for all image recognition APIs. The Einstein Vision API is now called the Image Classification API. The Image Classification API new features include multi-label models, the ability to add feedback to your models, and global datasets.
Trailhead: Einstein Vision Quick Start
Learn all about Einstein Vision by using Apex to create a simple app to recognize and classify images.
Trailhead: Build a Cat Rescue App that Recognizes Cat Breeds
Use Apex, Lightning components, and Einstein Vision to recognize and classify cat images.
Trailhead: Einstein Intent API Basics
Build a deep-learning custom model to categorize text and automate business processes.


Einstein Engagement Scoring: Supercharged Customer Targeting, Engagement, and Subscription Services
Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Einstein Engagement Scoring puts a score on how likely each of your subscribers opens an email, clicks links, and stays subscribed. You can also monitor the health of your engaged subscriber list, create an audience with attributes similar to your best-performing subscribers, segment your subscriber list to better target a specific audience, and easily target subscribers through other Marketing Cloud applications.


Einstein Lead Scoring: Salesforce Classic Availability and Improved Setup
Use Einstein Lead Scoring in Salesforce Classic, set up lead scoring with more types of lead conversion, and see detailed information about issues that occur during setup.
Einstein Automated Contacts: New Automated Options and Reporting
We’ve put the “automated” into Einstein Automated Contacts. We also added a handy dashboard to help you track how well Einstein is doing.
Einstein Activity Capture: Support for Microsoft® Exchange and More Salesforce Records
Einstein Activity Capture is now available for Microsoft Exchange 2013 and 2016 users. We also expanded Einstein Activity Capture functionality to include quotes and contracts. And, you take charge of how long Salesforce retains your Einstein Activity Capture data.
Sales Cloud Einstein Analytics: Enjoy More Dashboards and New Names
We added an Analytics app for Einstein Automated Contacts, so you can track how many contacts Einstein added to Salesforce. Plus, we improved navigation by renaming a few things.
Other Changes in Sales Cloud Einstein
We changed the name of some fields and components to make things more consistent and intuitive.
Trailhead: Sales Cloud Einstein
Learn how AI and Sales Cloud Einstein can transform your team’s sales productivity.
Trailhead: Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud
Learn how to turbocharge sales by pairing up powerful sales features with the smarts of Einstein.

Security and Identity

New Names but Same Great Data in the Event Monitoring Analytics App
In Summer ’17, the Event Monitoring Wave app was renamed Event Monitoring Analytics. Now the Analytics name appears on all app-related pages, including the configuration wizard, standard permission sets, permission set license, and prebuilt dashboards. The Wave Change, Wave Interaction, and Wave Performance event type names are unchanged.