Einstein Analytics, the New Name for Wave Analytics

The Wave Analytics brand is now Einstein Analytics. It includes multiple products: Einstein Analytics Platform, prebuilt apps, and Einstein Data Discovery, which is now Einstein Discovery. The prebuilt apps, permission set licenses, and user permissions also have modified names. Starting in Summer ’17 and continuing in Winter ’18, we applied the new names throughout the product and documentation.
The documentation and interface refer to Einstein Analytics Platform with the shortened name Analytics. To build an Analytics app, click Analytics Studio in the app picker—the option is no longer Wave Analytics.
The Analytics home page tab shows options with "Analytics" instead of "Wave."
Check out the new names so that you aren’t surprised when you see them.
Prebuilt Analytics Apps (Changed in Summer ’17)
Previous Name New Name
B2B Marketing Wave Analytics B2B Marketing Analytics
Event Monitoring Wave Event Monitoring Analytics
Field Service Wave Analytics Field Service Analytics
Sales Wave Analytics Sales Analytics
Service Wave Analytics Service Analytics
Wave for Financial Services Cloud Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud
Wave for Health Cloud Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud
Analytics Setup Settings (Changed in Winter ’18)
The labels for settings changed.
Previous Name New Name
Show preview thumbnails for lenses and dashboards with row-level security Show preview thumbnails for secure lenses and dashboards
Enable Wave Analytics for Communities Share Analytics with Communities
Enable the Wave API for all Wave users Grant all users access to Wave API
Enable null measure handling in Wave Analytics Allow null measure handling in datasets
Enable Wave Template Support Enable Analytics Templates
Enable Wave Sharing Inheritance Inherit sharing from Salesforce
The Feed Tracking screen shows "Analytics&quot now.
Previous Name New Name
Wave Asset Analytics Asset
Permission Set Licenses (Changed in Winter ’18)
Previous Name New Name
Analytics Cloud - Wave Analytics Platform Analytics Platform
Analytics Cloud Explorer Analytics Explorer
Analytics Cloud - Wave Community Users Analytics for Communities
Wave Embedded App Analytics Embedded App
Wave Template Administration Analytics Template Administration
User Permissions (Changed in Winter ’18)
Previous Name New Name
Access Wave Analytics SAQL Editor Deprecated. We removed this user permission because it’s no longer needed to access the SAQL editor. The editor is included as part of the explorer.
Create and Edit Wave Analytics Dashboards Create and Edit Analytics Dashboards
Create Wave Analytics Apps Create Analytics Apps
Download Wave Analytics Data Download Data from Analytics
Edit Wave Analytics Dataflows Edit Analytics Dataflows
Manage Wave Analytics Manage Analytics
Manage Wave Analytics Templated Apps Manage Analytics Templated Apps
Upload External Data to Wave Analytics Upload External Data to Analytics
Use Wave Analytics Use Analytics
Use Wave Analytics Templated Apps Use Analytics Templated Apps
View Wave Analytics on Communities pages View Analytics on Communities pages
Trend Report Data in Wave Analytics Trend Report Data in Analytics