Enable Skype for Salesforce

Enable Skype for Salesforce in your org and authorize Salesforce to access Skype for Business®.
Available in: Lightning Experience
Available in: Enterprise and Unlimited Editions

User Permissions Needed
To enable Skype for Salesforce: “Customize Application”
  1. From Setup, enter Skype for Salesforce into the Quick Find box, then click Skype for Salesforce.
  2. Click Enable Skype Presence and Chat.
  3. Click Authorize Skype for Salesforce, and ask your org’s Microsoft Office 365® administrator to log in. This gives Salesforce access to Skype for Business.


    Users can chat using Skype for Salesforce on any supported browsers for Lightning Experience. Users can make audio and video calls using Skype for Salesforce from Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari® only.