Labels Streamlined in Setup

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Available in: All Editions

Location Label in Summer '15 and earlier Label in Winter '16 and later
(Directly from Setup) Salesforce1 Setup Salesforce1 Quick Start
Google Apps Settings Google Apps Settings
Mobile Administration | Mobile Dashboards Settings Mobile Dashboard Settings
Mobile Administration | Salesforce1 Branding Salesforce1 Branding
Mobile Administration | Salesforce1 Offline Salesforce1 Offline
Mobile Administration | Salesforce1 Mobile Navigation Salesforce1 Navigation
Mobile Administration | Salesforce1 Notifications Salesforce1 Notifications
Mobile Administration | Salesforce1 Settings Salesforce1 Settings
Mobile Administration | Salesforce Classic Configurations Salesforce Classic Configurations
Mobile Administration | Salesforce Classic Settings Salesforce Classic Settings Administration Preferences Prospector Preferences Administration Users Prospector Users Administration | Clean Settings Clean Settings Administration | Social Key Settings Social Key Settings
Customize | Accounts Contact Roles Contact Roles on Accounts
Customize | Accounts Settings Account Settings
Customize | Answers Settings Answers Settings
Customize | Assets Settings Asset Settings
Customize | Cases Contact Roles Contact Roles on Cases
Customize | Cases Auto-Response Rules Case Auto-Response Rules
Customize | Cases Assignment Rules Case Assignment Rules
Customize | Cases Settings Support Settings
Customize | Cases | Case Comments Triggers Case Comment Triggers
Customize | Cases | Quick Text Settings Quick Text Settings
Customize | Chatter Settings Chatter Settings
Customize | Chatter Answers Settings Chatter Answers Settings
Customize | Chatter Answers Zones Chatter Answers Zones
Customize | Chatter Answers | Activities Triggers Answers Activity Triggers
Customize | Chatter | Feed Item Actions Feed Item Actions
Customize | Communities Settings Communities Settings
Customize | Contracts Settings Contract Settings
Customize | Customer Portal Settings Customer Portal Settings
Customize | Forecasts Settings Forecasts Settings
Customize | Ideas Settings Ideas Settings
Customize | Ideas Zones Ideas Zones
Customize | Ideas | Idea Themes Settings Idea Themes Settings
Customize | Knowledge Article Actions Knowledge Article Actions
Customize | Knowledge Article Types Knowledge Article Types
Customize | Knowledge Settings Knowledge Settings
Customize | Leads Auto-Response Rules Lead Auto-Response Rules
Customize | Leads Assignment Rules Lead Assignment Rules
Customize | Live Agent Settings Live Agent Settings
Customize | Live Agent | Live Agent Transcript Events Fields, Limits, etc. Transcript Fields, Transcript Limits, etc.
Customize | Live Agent | Live Chat Visitors Fields, Limits, etc. Visitor Fields, Visitor Limits, etc.
Customize | Maps and Location Settings Maps and Location Settings
Customize | Notes Settings Notes Settings
Customize | Omni-Channel Settings Omni-Channel Settings
Customize | Opportunities Contact Roles Contact Roles on Opportunities
Customize | Opportunities Settings Opportunity Settings
Customize | Opportunity Teams Settings Opportunity Team Settings
Customize | Orders Settings Order Settings
Customize | Products Schedule Setup Product Schedules Settings
Customize | Products Settings Product Settings
Customize | Quotes Settings Quotes Settings
Customize | Reports & Dashboards User Interface Reports and Dashboards Settings
Customize | Salesforce Files | Settings Files Connect Files Connect Settings
Customize | Salesforce to Salesforce Settings Salesforce to Salesforce Settings
Customize | Salesforce to Salesforce Connection Finder Salesforce to Salesforce Connection Finder
Customize | Sales Path Settings Sales Path Settings
Customize | Social Apps Integration | Social Accounts and Contacts Settings Social Accounts and Contacts Settings
Customize | Settings Settings
Create | Global Actions Actions Global Actions
Create | Workflow & Approvals Settings Process Automation Settings
Develop Components Visualforce Components
Develop Pages Visualforce Pages
(Directly from Setup) Checkout Summary Checkout