Add the Files Related List to Page Layouts

The Files related list is an optional related list that you can now add to any of your page layouts for opportunities, accounts, cases, leads, custom objects, and many other objects. Organizations created after Winter ’16 have the Files related list on page layouts for many objects by default. This feature is available in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and the Salesforce1 mobile app.

From the Files related list in Lightning Experience, users can upload files to attach to a record while leveraging the rich features and flexibility of Salesforce Files, such as sharing with people and groups, sharing to libraries, and syncing.

Files uploaded to a related list are visible only to those who can access the record where they reside, but those with access to the record can share it further (unless the file is frozen). When a user uploads a file to a record, it is also listed on the Files page, where more actions are available.

To add the Files related list to an object, edit the page layout for that object in Setup. Click Related Lists, and drag Files to the Related Lists section in the order you want.

Files related list setup

View Related Files in Lightning Experience

In Lightning Experience, the Files card lets users upload files and shows the most recently uploaded files for the record.

Related Files Card

The related files card also links to the full related list of files for that record.

Related Files List

View Related Files in Salesforce Classic

The Files related list in Salesforce Classic shows all the files that have been shared with the record. From this list, users can download, delete, preview, or view details for each file.

Files Related List