Disable the API Enabled User Permission Defaults for External Profiles (Critical Update)

Salesforce is disabling the API enabled permission on all standard and cloned external profiles. The API enabled permission allows external applications or connectors, such as Workbench, Dataloader.io, Jitterbit, Excel Connector, Salesforce Mobile App, Mobile SDK Apps, Salesforce IoT, or Connected Apps to use the API to authenticate or access Salesforce data.
Where: This change applies to all orgs using standard and cloned external profiles assigned to the following licenses:
  • Authenticated Website
  • Bronze Partner
  • CSP Lite Portal
  • Customer Community
  • Customer Community Login
  • Customer Community Plus
  • Customer Community Plus Login
  • Customer Portal Manager
  • Customer Portal Manager Custom
  • Customer Portal Manager Standard
  • Customer Portal User
  • External Apps Login
  • External Apps Member
  • External Apps Plus Login
  • External Apps Plus Member
  • External Identity Login
  • Gold Partner
  • High Volume Customer Portal
  • High Volume Portal
  • Ideas Only Portal
  • Internal Portal User
  • Limited Customer Portal Manager Custom
  • Limited Customer Portal Manager Standard
  • Overage Authenticated Website
  • Overage Customer Portal Manager Custom
  • Overage Customer Portal Manager Standard
  • Overage High Volume Customer Portal
  • Partner
  • Partner Community
  • Partner Community Login
  • Platform Portal
  • Silver Partner

How: Review the external profiles in your org to determine which ones require the API enabled permission for their use cases.

If you’d like your users to retain the permission, clone the standard profile, and select the API enabled permission. Reassign your users to the new cloned profile, and add the profile to the correct community memberships.

Alternatively, create a permission set with the API enabled permission selected, and assign it to the users who need the permission.

For cloned profiles, simply re-enable the permission for user cases where it is needed.