Put Health Cloud to Work on Mobile Devices

If you have Field Service Lightning, you can send your health care providers into the field with Health Cloud on their phones. Providers can check patient data, manage scheduling, and interactively update goals and tasks in the patient’s care plan from their mobile Android or iOS devices.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, the Field Service Lightning app, and all versions of the mobile app in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions.

Who: Users with the Health Cloud Permission Set License and the Field Service Lightning permission license assigned to them can work with this feature.

Why: Using Health Cloud flows in Field Service Lightning enables you to manage a distributed workforce delivering services in patients’ homes or workplaces, or in different parts of a campus.

View data and care details on a mobile device.

Care providers can use the Field Service Lightning Mobile App on iOS or Android to view patient information, work with tasks and goals in the patient care plan, and manage their appointments on the patient timeline.

Events can be viewed in the Patient Timeline.

How: Health Cloud for Field Service Lightning is delivered as an unmanaged package. Install the Field Service Lightning package, then install the Health Cloud package by going to http://industries.force.com/healthcloudextensionfieldservice.