Salesforce Einstein: The World’s Smartest CRM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Everyone

Salesforce Einstein is AI built into the Salesforce platform. It delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, and marketing—and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Now, every Trailblazer in every role and industry can use AI to be their best.

Here’s the list of Einstein features that help make Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM.


Einstein Analytics, the New Name for Wave Analytics
Wave Analytics is now “Einstein Analytics.” Einstein Analytics includes Einstein Data Discovery, which is now “Einstein Discovery.” The prebuilt Wave apps also have modified names.
Wave: Einstein Discovery
Einstein Discovery finds relevant facts and themes in your data without building sophisticated software and statistical models. When it has finished analyzing your data, Einstein Discovery generates unbiased answers, explanations, and recommendations to help you learn what, why, and how to act on it. And results are easy for business users to understand. Now anyone can tap into the power of data science and do statistical and predictive analytics.


Discover People to Follow and Groups to Join
Personalized Einstein Recommendations on the Chatter home page help you find the people and groups that most closely relate to your job and interests. The more recommendations you accept, the more relevant your feed becomes.


Einstein Predictive Sort: Personalized Product Assortments Infused Into the Shopper Journey
Einstein Predictive Sort uses machine learning to personalize the order in which products appear in search and category pages on ecommerce sites. This capability uses commerce (product, order history) and customer (live click stream) data to create a predictive model for each unique shopper. That model powers more tailored product sorts, so the best products for each individual shopper are shown first, making shopping easier and driving conversion.


Create a Custom Report Type to See Click-Through Rates for Related Articles
Find out how often members click related articles suggested by Salesforce Einstein in your community. Create a custom report type using Related Content Metrics as the primary object and monitor click-through rates of related articles. You have a daily tracker of the number of times a related article was shown in the community (impressions), how often it was clicked, and the ratio between the two.


Trailhead: Sales Cloud Einstein
Learn how AI and Sales Cloud Einstein can transform your team’s sales productivity.
Assess Your Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness
Wondering whether you’re ready for Sales Cloud Einstein or whether it can help your users? Run the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor, and we analyze your Salesforce implementation. Then, we send you a personalized report that tells you which Einstein features you’re ready to use now and which ones require extra steps.
Einstein Automated Contacts: Contact and Contact Role Suggestions, and Smart Email Matching
We expanded the Sales Cloud Einstein product suite with Einstein Automated Contacts. It’s the beginning of the end for data entry.
Einstein Activity Capture: Activities Matched to Opportunities by Date and Default Activity Sharing
Einstein Activity Capture now uses date matching to determine if an activity is added to a related opportunity. Plus, you can choose default activity sharing for new users.
Einstein Lead Scoring: Company-Level Insights and Support for Process Builder
Einstein Activity Capture now uses date matching to determine if an activity is added to a related opportunity. Plus, you can choose default activity sharing for new users.
Einstein Insights: Improved Account and Opportunity Insights
Einstein now shows insights for records that sales reps follow and includes some updates that used to be available only in the Assistant. Plus, reps can see new types of Account Insights and undo hastily dismissed insights.


Einstein Vision Is Now Generally Available
Sign up for Einstein Vision to receive 1,000 free predictions per calendar month. If you need more predictions, you can purchase them.
New UI Makes It Easy to Get a Token
The Einstein Vision API uses OAuth 2.0 JWT bearer token flow for authorization. Each API call must contain a valid OAuth token in the request header. To quickly generate an OAuth access token, just use the token page.
Access the API in Heroku Using the Einstein Vision Add-On
The Einstein Vision add-on gives you easy access to the API in your apps running on Heroku.
Create a Dataset from a Zip File
You can now create a dataset, add labels, and upload images to the dataset, all in a single API call. When you pass a compressed .zip file to the API, the dataset name, label names, and image names are generated from the .zip file structure. The .zip file can be located in the cloud or on a local drive.
Page Through All Examples in a Dataset
A dataset can contain thousands of examples. To make life easier, use the offset and count query parameters to page through them.
Monitor API Usage
With the Einstein Vision API, you can make as many calls as needed to create datasets, add images, and create models. However, the number of predictions—any call to the predict resource—is limited. To proactively manage your API prediction limits, you can get your API usage.
Quick Start: Einstein Vision

Use Apex to create a simple app to recognize and classify images in this Trailhead project.