Prospect for Accounts in Lightning Experience, Critical Insights on Opportunities, and More

More key features are available in Lightning Experience. Prospector users can check out critical information on companies associated with their opportunities. They can prospect for new companies right from the Accounts page, and access company and industry insights from an account or opportunity. Premium Clean customers automatically enrich leads with critical company information such as revenue, employee count, and industry. is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. delivers leading business data inside Salesforce. Using the product suite, your sales and marketing teams have all the information they need to convert leads, close deals, and maintain customer relationships. If you want complete, accurate, and relevant customer information, then check out

The Prospector and Clean product offerings have been simplified. Previously both products were offered with two different levels of data access, corporate and premium. These two levels continue for existing customers. For new customers, there is now a single Prospector and a single Clean product offered, each with the full premium data set. duplicate management is still included for all Sales Cloud Professional Edition licenses and above, including customers without a license.



The database does not contain data from all the countries where Salesforce is used. documentation may be translated into languages used in countries not represented in the database.

You can now purchase a Prospector license as an add-on to your license. doesn’t work with the Salesforce Lead object.