Store, Sync, and Share with Salesforce Files Sync (Generally Available)

Salesforce Files Sync makes file management easier than ever. Your users install a desktop client called Salesforce Files. They can then securely store, sync, and share files between Chatter, their desktops, and mobile devices.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions



This feature is available within 24 hours of the Summer ’14 release.

If your organization upgrades from a Contact Manager, Group, or Professional Edition to one of the editions that support Salesforce Files Sync, contact to enable the feature.

Be aware of these usage limits when using the Salesforce Files Client:

  • The maximum amount of data that individual users can sync in their Salesforce Files folder is 10 GB. If the folder reaches this limit, new files won’t sync until other files are removed from the folder.
  • The maximum file size that can be uploaded using the Salesforce Files folder is 500 MB.

For more information about Salesforce Files Sync limits, refer to the Salesforce Help.

You can work with Salesforce Files Sync using the Chatter REST API. For more information, see Salesforce Files Sync (Generally Available).