Release Notes Changes

Changes to the release notes are documented here.

September 10, 2014

API Access Change for Connected Apps
Added information about an API access change for some and partner connected apps, including Salesforce1, Salesforce for Outlook, and Connect for Outlook. All users of connected apps affected by this change must have the “API Enabled” profile permission turned on to allow access to all features.

September 3, 2014

Data Loader Now Supports Partner User Logins
Added information about Data Loader support for partner userlogins.

August 27, 2014

Differences in Working with Salesforce Data in Salesforce1
Added information clarifying support for rich text area fields in the different versions of the Salesforce1 app.
Knowledge One Search Page Generally Available
Added information on the Knowledge One search page, when it is enabled automatically, how it is enabled manually, and how to search articles and external sources on the new page.

August 20, 2014

New Security Requirement for Addresses Used as From Addresses in Case Feed Email Action
Added a release note for this new security requirement.
Configure a Custom Domain for Your Community
Added information about how your domain name affects the target of your CNAME.

August 13, 2014

Salesforce1 Enhancements
Salesforce1 for iOS Version 6.0 Generally Available
What’s new in version 6.0:
  • View Salesforce data with Offline Cache
  • Access publisher actions without Chatter enabled
  • Quickly switch between accounts in multiple organizations and communities
  • Sort list views

August 6, 2014

Configure a Custom Domain for Your Community
You can now set up a custom domain with HTTPS so that your community URLs reflect your company brand. Contact to enable HTTPS custom domains.

July 30, 2014

Help and Training
Added the new “How to Build an Image Formula” video.
Multi-User Calendar View Security Improvements Enabled
Corrected the Sales feature impact table to indicate that the security improvements in the multi-user calendar view are enabled for users. It’s not necessary to contact to enable the improvements.
Salesforce Notification Banner
Specified that the Salesforce Notification Banner is not customizable.
Increased Limits for Total Rules
Clarified that the limit for active rules hasn’t changed.
BlackBerry Z30 Support for the Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App
Announcing new support for using the Salesforce1 mobile browser app in BlackBerry® Browser on BlackBerry Z30 devices with BlackBerry OS or later.

July 23, 2014

LMA Support for Sandbox Installations
Updated the ISVforce feature impact table to show that LMA support for sandbox installations is enabled by default.

July 16, 2014

Add the Attachment Component to Case Feed
Corrected the name of the Attachment Component Visualforce component to <support:caseUnifiedFiles>.
End of Support for Legacy Answers
Added the End of Support for Legacy Answers announcement.
Other Changes in Live Agent
Added the Desktop Notifications Supported in More Browsers announcement.

July 9, 2014

Community Engagement Console
Added link to the new Communities Managers Guide.
Salesforce1 Enhancements
Salesforce1 for iOS Version 5.3 Generally Available
What’s new in version 5.3:
  • Salesforce1 for iOS version 5.3 requires iOS 7 (iOS 6 users can continue to download version 5.2.1)
  • The Publisher now has a transparent background when opened so you can stay in context when peforming an action
  • Larger image previews in the main feed
  • Share fires externally via web link
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
Sync Owned Files Directly from Feed Posts, Comments, File Lists, and File Detail Pages
Updated the screenshot and instructions to account for a minor change to the UI text.

July 2, 2014

Salesforce1 Enhancements
Added information that Salesforce Events are available from the navigation menu in the Salesforce1 downloadable apps, version 5.3 or later. Also added information that default custom links are now available on record detail pages when viewed in Salesforce1.
Store, Sync, and Share with Salesforce Files Sync (Generally Available)
Added a note explaining that Salesforce Files Sync is available within 24 hours of the release.
Improved Help & Training Search Experience
Updated details about survey prizes.
New and Changed Apex Classes
Added two new methods: System.equals and System.hashCode.
New Partner Community
Updated topic to reflect addition of integrated search, online training signup, and cases functionality.
Enhanced Privacy for Contacts with Canadian Addresses
Added information about changes to the do-not-contact preference.

June 26, 2014

Status and Account Fields Make Task Lists More Useful
Corrected the description of one of the fields added to the task lists on the Home tab and the calendar day view. The field Account was added, not the field Related To.
Other Changes in Analytics
Added a note about limitations on floating headers in report charts.

June 20, 2014

Auto-Complete for Article Keyword and Title Searches
Added a release note for Auto-Complete in Salesforce Knowledge.
Track Forecasting Changes
Updated the release note to clarify that forecast historical trending applies to Collaborative Forecasts only.
Help and Training
Added a section about Trust and Compliance Documentation.
Improvements to Remote Objects (Developer Preview)
Added a section explaining a new error when attempting to make changes that violate field level security.
Improved Help & Training Search Experience
Added a section about new enhancements to the Help & Training search experience.

June 11, 2014

Salesforce1 Enhancements
Salesforce1 for Android Version 5.3 Generally Available
What’s new in version 5.3:
  • Push notifications for new Tasks
  • Additional push notification settings
  • Call History with contact matching for easy call logging and contact creation
  • Share fires externally via web link
  • Ability to search dasboards
Sync Owned Files Directly from Feed Posts, Comments, File Lists, and File Detail Pages
Added a release note describing another way to sync files using Salesforce Files Sync.
Changes to the Files Tab with Salesforce Files Sync Enabled
Updated the screenshot and added information about syncing files from the Files tab.
New and Changed Objects
Moved the process approval history objects from the SOAP API section to the New and Changed Objects sections.
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 Phone Support for the Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App (Beta)
Announcing beta support for the Salesforce1 mobile browser app in Internet Explorer® 11 on Nokia™ Lumia™ 1020 and HTC™ 8X phones that are running Windows 8.1. The mobile browser app isn’t supported on mobile phones with Windows 8.0 or on Windows tablets.
Match Production Licenses to Sandbox without a Refresh
Updated this section with the Salesforce version requirement for sandbox and production and clarified the license matching process.

June 4, 2014

Cross-Object Field References in Flows
Updated the syntax requirements to identify that in cross-object field references, API names for custom objects must end in __r.
Increased Maximum Number of External ID Fields
The release note was slightly revised to clarify the change. Additionally, the release note was moved to group it with several other limit increases.

May 28, 2014

Generate Orders (Pilot)
Improved the screen image callouts.
Community Templates for Self-Service (Beta)
Changed from Generally Available to Beta release.
Enable Territory Management 2.0
Updated the topic to state that enabling Territory Management 2.0 (Beta) automatically clears the value (if any) in the territory field on opportunity records in your organization.
Metadata Types and Fields
Updated the topic to identify the addition of Territory2 as a value for the ReportType Categories field.
Metadata Types and Fields
Added information about the new QuestionPost FeedItemType value for FeedLayout.